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Art Basel Thrift Store (and Gallery) takes inspiration from the combination pizza hut and taco bells of the world, the intersection of art and commerce, the entrepreneurial spirit of my immigrant parents, and the desire to create mutual aid within seemingly capitalist structures.

Long Island City, NY -­ Queens is gaining an exciting new option for shoppers wishing to maintain their lifestyle on an increasingly tight budget while helping artists in need of representation. Art Basel Thrift Store (and Gallery) is opening its long awaited first store in a former greeting card factory at 39­31 29th Street between 39th and 40th Avenues in Long Island City, Queens.This new business will truly be an ultra­thrift store and gallery, offering shoppers 1500 square feet of high ­quality, make ­an ­offer retail and art. People are already buzzing that this might be the only thrift store and gallery of its kind.

Featured in the gallery is Going Once, Going Twice: Art Swap Preview 2017 a group exhibition shaped and inspired by a Sotheby’s auction catalog and abandoned art projects, curated by Ava Ulmer. Eight artists swapped their unfinished projects back in January and agreed to complete them just in time for the grand opening. Shoppers of Art Basel Thrift Store (and Gallery) will have a chance to view and make an offer on some of these works at the Strictly Business Martini Auction and Potluck to be held on Thursday evening, August 10th.

Participating Artists include Olivia Ascione D'Elia, Eliza Kimberly, Madeleine Rojas, Stephanie Routier, Haley Shibble, Ava Ulmer and Eleni Theodora Zaharopoulos.