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Wildcat! is the collective project of inter-disciplinary artists, Jeremy Toussaint-Baptiste, Eleni Zaharopoulos, and André M. Zachery, that examines precarity as a constant condition for the majority of people in society.

Framed as a civic-minded organization, Wildcat! was formed in 2013 out of a mutual interest in exploring how people organize and support each other in an unstable and imbalanced world.

As artists, the group is interested in exploring the creative and unique ways people collectively work to survive and operate in their financial uncertainty while being conscious of how race, gender, class, economic conditions, and geographic location factor into this dynamic.

Wildcat! is dedicated to the practice of any means of social interaction performed, created, or distributed that educates, empowers, and mobilizes people to recognize and respond collectively against all forms of inequality and injustice.

Solidarity in Precarity.