• Fux Factory, Long Island City NY

    Fux Factory, Long Island City NY

    RUB – Now Wave and Graphic Activism
    Flux Factory Major Exhibition
    November 23 – December 15

    RUB is an independent publication
    an exhibition at Flux Factory
    an invitation to collaborate, learn and build community

    RUB moves between two axes: the DIY strategies of the NOW-WAVE, and GRAPHIC ACTIVISM. The NOW-WAVE houses artists who produce counterculture that challenges the boundaries of Nationhood, and address issues that cross cultural boundaries. The second axis is experimentation and reinvention through GRAPHIC ACTIVISM. The RUB Exhibition centers pieces with a special sensitivity for printed matter and publishing as practice, that makes visible under-represented and under-appreciated identities. Themes that are included are: the experience of POC and QPOC; therapeutic art practices that deal with abuse, depression, and trauma; using graphic languages in the processes of resistance; and always returning to the personal as political. RUB features a selection of multidisciplinary practitioners and artists who use these two axes as raw materials.

    Participating Artists:
    Aarati Akkapeddi, Amelia Bande, Mitsuko Brooks, Eun Hyea Choi, Jevijoe Vitug, Kaitlin Chan (Queer Reads Library), Pei Ling Ho, Toby Millman, Martha Naranjo Sandoval, Maureen Catbagan, Yin Ming Wong, Andre Ramos-Woodard, Yanbo Li, XVK, Eleni Theodora Zaharopoulos + more artist contributors coming

  • 2019 New Works Grant Recipient!

    2019 New Works Grant Recipient!

    I've been awarded a 2019 New Works Grant funded by the NYC Department of Cultural Affairs for my project Can we get to know each other?

    Thank You Queens Council on the Arts! xo

  • Feminist Film Week 2019 - Anthology Film Archives, NYC

    Feminist Film Week 2019 - Anthology Film Archives, NYC


    For this program, a visual and auditory exploration of the tactile, the viewers will be invited as they enter the cinema to select an object to hold for the duration of the screening. We are material creatures who encounter the tangible world through our physical senses, and we get to know our environment and ourselves through tactile experiences. Objects help us contextualize ourselves in the world, they bring us together, they help us express thoughts and ideas, they define us. This program presents works by visual artists, performance artists, and filmmakers exploring ideas of family, community, self, and sexuality through the objects around them.

    Guest programmed by Maya Suess.

    Abbey Williams PUCE MOMENT, WITH LOVE (2006, 6.5 min, digital)
    Anna Linder CUM PANE – THE ONE YOU SHARE YOUR BREAD WITH (2002, 8 min, digital)
    Jaguar Mary PERSONAL GEOMETRY (2012, 8 min, digital)
    Caroline Partamian ASMR HAND MOVIES (2018, 1.5 min, digital)
    Chun Hua Dong EVERYWHERE AND ALL AT ONCE (2017, 7 min, digital)
    Ayana Evans & Zina Saro-Wiwa PARASOL (2016, 14.5 min, digital)
    Jade Yumang & Sara Jimenez BRIDLED DANCE (2016, 6.5 min, digital)
    Julia Feyrer THE ARTIST’S STUDIO (2010, 5 min, 16mm)
    Maria Hupfield THE ONE WHO KEEPS ON GIVING (2017, 7 min, digital)
    Niknaz, Chaplain Christopher Jones, Ted Kerr, and LJ Roberts INFLAMED: A LITANY FOR BURNING CONDOMS (2014, 6 min, digital)
    Eleni Zaharopoulos CRAVES CONTACT CONSTANTLY: PART IV (2018, 3 min, digital)
    Anna Betbeze & Nica Ross ATMOSPHERE 1 (2018, 6 min, digital)
    Total running time: ca. 85 min.

  • Little Berlin, Philadelphia PA

    Little Berlin, Philadelphia PA

    June 9–29, 2018
    Opening Reception: July 14, 6-9pm
    Gallery Hours: Sundays 12–4 + by appointment

    Little Berlin presents an exhibition of un-edited journal pages, left-handed drawings, telephone poetry, wholesome woodcuts, collected objects and toilet-paper pranks. Romantic, painful, direct and sweet—these documents of creative exercise, poetic confessions and delicate installations are willing to be completely honest with you.

    Featuring works by:
    Trevor Grabill
    illesha Khandelwal
    Voicemail Poems (Jamie Mortara + Amy Saul-Zerby)
    Ashley Yang-Thompson
    Eleni Theodora Zaharopoulos

    Curated by Little Berlin member Cayla Lockwood

  • Paradice Palase, Bushwick NY

    Paradice Palase, Bushwick NY
  • Art Basel Thrift Store featured in DNAinfo

    Art Basel Thrift Store featured in DNAinfo

    Read all about it here!

  • In Residency at Wassaic Project

    In Residency at Wassaic Project

    For the months of September and October I'll be living in the Hudson Valley making art projects with kids as Wassaic Project's Fall Education Fellow! Thanks Wassaic Project!

  • I've been awarded a New Works Grant funded by the NYC Department of Cultural Affairs. Stay tuned for more details about the Malba Arts Project...

    Thank You Queens Council on the Arts! xo

  • Presenting Artist // Art as Ritual Conference // Detroit Institute of Art

    Presenting Artist // Art as Ritual Conference // Detroit Institute of Art

    "Artists, activists, academics and the interfaith community from Detroit and beyond are meeting to explore the ways in which contemporary artists use ritual in performance and social practice.The conference, if you can call it that, features a keynote address from artist Nick Cave, who spent alot of time exhibiting and collaborating throughout the City of Detroit last year. The event continues with 14 breakout sessions throughout the day, concluding with remarks from Israeli artist Yael Bartana."

    It all happens Monday, Sept. 12 from 8:30 a.m. to 6:30 p.m. at the Detroit Institute of Arts.

    My session: A Barrel Full of Tears: Shapes of Sadness, Forms of Devotion

    What does bereavement art look like? When people die, expressions of grief by the living are limitless. Sometimes the profundity of absence can be the greatest muse. In this discussion and open critique, we will explore art inspired and shaped by loss while pondering its function in regards to personal and universal experience. Participants are asked to bring a finished or unfinished work of their own that originates in memoriam. Using various evaluative methods of critique and assessment, we will discuss each other’s work, offering constructive feedback in an open and safe environment. All mediums and artistic practices are welcome.

  • New Ceremony for the Old Skin Part II

    New Ceremony for the Old Skin Part II

    "New Ceremony for the Old Skin: a ritual course to honor the spirit of the universe" closed out T O T E M S festival last Sunday. GoPro documentation forthcoming. xx

  • My residency at flux factory officially begins!

    For the next year I will be in residence at flux factory! flux factory is an amazing organization located in Long Island City, Queens. check it out! It me. :)

  • Performing in AUNTS is Dance : Detroit Edition

    Performing in AUNTS is Dance : Detroit Edition
  • Participating in the Riverfront Arts Festival!

    New Ceremony for the Old Skin: A Ritual Course to Honor the Spirit of the Universe will be open to participants August 6th and 7th from 6 to 7:30.


  • New Left Hand Lessons Published by Infinite Mile!

    New Left Hand Lessons Published by Infinite Mile!

    Check out my latest Left Hand Lesson in Infinite Mile's April Issue HERE!

  • Wildcat! at Under the Radar Festival!

    Wildcat! at Under the Radar Festival!

    I DO MIND DYING danse précarité is going to be part of The Public Theater's Under The Radar Festival which runs January 6th through January 17th, 2016. Get yer tickets here!


  • I'm reading excerpts from booted butterfly at the good tyme writer's buffet. Also, it's the closing of our ephemeral life so come by if you haven't already. xoxo


  • our ephemeral life opens May 9th!

    "Our homes and routines, and the objects in them, take on new meaning after a loved one dies. You can consider their power in Our Ephemeral Life, an installation by multidisciplinary artist and performer Eleni Zaharopoulos. The installation is a public resurrection of personal objects the artist shared with her former fiancé and collaborator Adrian C. Mejia, who died five years ago. It also includes new visual works that explore metaphysical collaboration, and personal identity and bereavement."

    check it!


  • I'm a contributor. I contribute! Infinite Mile is an online arts and culture journal based in Detroit. It is awesome. Check out my photo essay, Athens Lifted here.


  • My zine Left Hand Lessons: Volume I is going to be part of Print Party: Celebrating Queer Feminisms through Zines.

    Print Party is an exhibition of zines by Michigan-based artists and writers on topics ranging from discussions of feminism to farming- all examined through a feminist lens. The exhibit will take place from February 22nd-April 26th at the Women's Historical Center and Hall of Fame in Lansing. The opening reception will take place in the afternoon of February 22nd from 12-2.

    Want your very own copy of Left Hand Lessons? Send me an email. xo


  • My lovely thesis partners and I held a Wildcat! workshop.
    Solidarity in Precarity 4 Lyfe!

    Check it!


  • I'm reviewing art books.


  • I'm participating in the The Detroit Design Festival! I'll be designing and hosting a Russian Tea in conjunction with Fratellanza's performance, String Up The Moon.

    September 21st, 8pm @ the Jam Handy.

    For more info and tickets here.


  • Performance Art in the Detroit Public Library!
    Beginnings and Endings was performed as part of Ditto Ditto's event, Underword Part 2.

    Co-created and in collaboration with Chanel Von Habsburg-Lothringen.


  • Participating in citydrift/detroit!

    Lil’camp is a small campsite enclosed in the secluded, over-grown yard of 2894 East Grand Boulevard. I will serve as the grounds keeper and activities coordinator for any campsite visitors, and overnight guests.

    Update: I had visitors and overnight guests. We had fun!

    Documentation was exhibited at Kunsthalle from July 18th to August 19th.


  • My illegal greek restaurant was reviewed. Thanks Detroit Foodie!



  • Screening at the Peanut Gallery! 2.28.13
    New video, Baby Baby will be shown this Thursday in Chicago.


    Watch video!


  • Shanghai Biennale! In 2008, Liza and I snuck into the Biennale. In 2012, we went as invited guests! How cool is that? Not only that, our collective installation made a top five list. Ya!



  • Hinterlands in the house.
    We're in residency at the Museum of Contemporary Art Detroit through July 22nd.

    We are on display!




  • The Jamison Social Club is now open.
    Please join us:


  • I'm a winner! Phew! What a relief!
    I entered a competition and I made it in the top 50.


  • Woah! I'm in China...again!
    This is what we're up to:



  • The Adrian Cervantes Mejia Fund is Here!

    The mission of the Adrian Cervantes Mejia Fund is to support the arts with individualized, specific grants for performing, visual, and interdisciplinary artists of all kinds. The ACMFund views artists as agents of change. By giving artists the financial help they deserve, the ACMFund provides the impetus for creative expression, and cross-cultural understanding to the mutual benefit of all.



  • Hello hello,

    I am back on the West Coast for a bit working on a memorial fund in honor of my beloved, Adrian C. Mejia. More info coming soon.


  • Pledge! Only 10 dollars! What a philanthropic deal!
    The Hinterlands and (con)temporary works exchange are hosting a party in celebration of Sir Isaac Newton, the world’s greatest mind, most notorious alchemist, and worst lover, on his 366th Birthday. It’s a party, a performance, a night where we dare to ask how the world would have been different if Newton had gotten laid.

    You can make your pledge by visiting,